The creative team working for “Xinia and Peter’s” have developed intercultural events, such as poetry recital nights, musicals, famous guest singers, guitars players, choral group performances and dance performances. Furthermore, they have created Festivals featuring, wine tasting and international gastronomy. In addition, they are sponsors of cultural activities in places such as the Church, Parks, and a local Culture House. They are always thinking about how to enhance the spiritual enrichment for the visitors and the general community.

The lodge has moreover a conference room, for 20 people maximum. Used to play chess, drink a cup of tea or just to read a good book. For all these reasons. “Xinia and Peter’s offer an excellent alternative to the usual type of experience.

Hay también  un pequeño   salón de estar para realizar  charlas, talleres y conferencias  para un  máximo  de  veinte personas. Allí, cotidianamente se puede  mantener una conversación amena, disfrutar  de un buen juego  de  ajedrez, tomar el té o leer un buen libro.  

Con todas estas  modalidades  “Xinia y Peter”  ofrecen una  excelente alternativa  para  darse un tiempo agradable y distinto a  disfrutar  con altura.

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