dining room

Great pride is taken in the posadaīs excellent kitchen. An ever-changing five-course menu is offered and is served with great attention to detail in the spacious, elegantly decorated dining room. Everything is geared toward creating an elegant dining experience. 

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Our menus are a blend of local and international foods that are carefully designed to harmonize aromas, flavors and textures.


Home Gastronomy

logoXiniaīs cooking style developed the through the warmth of her feelings for her own family. When she was young and not schooled in culinary arts she met and married Peter Lauterbach of Germany. Peterís mother was an excellent cook. In the desire to please her new husband she decided she would become a better cook than his mother would and learn the best cooking techniques of Europe. In this way she learned to prepare rich menus presented with a luxury of details that she feels can please the most discerning of palates.

Ambience, Decoration and Art

logoXinia and Peter are both artists. She is a collector of art and crafts that are displayed through out the property. She also expresses her artistic side through cultivation of ornamental plants and orchids of which the posada has an extensive collection. Peterís artistic side is expressed through music. He sings and accompanies himself on guitar and with harmonica. His performances are a treat that is often requested by their guests.

Family and Tourism

logoXinia and Peterís two children left home for their respective schooling and work they were left with two empty rooms. Because Merida has always been a popular spot for visitors, it was natural that they began to develop their work in tourism. In a short time, they added to their modest original space on to accommodate more guests. As the demand for accommodations with them continued to grow, they made every opportunity work for expansion of their business. In this way the posada has grown into the luxurious incarnation that it is today, occupying the lovely space in La Mucuy Baja, near the town of Tabay, at the foot of the highest mountains in Venezuela. Here you too can find an enchanting place to get away.